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Szabó Hunor, CEO

What does Szinker mean?

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Szinker International Logistics – Introduction

How it all began

Szinker International Logistics is a true family business: my father, Dénes Szabó, founded our company in 1994 with one Avia truck. Over time, through persistent work, the number of clients consistently grew. In the first years, my father drove the trucks himself, and saw all of Europe in the process. Later, he was able to hire his first employee, and buy his first Mercedes truck. By 2001, the family business already had 7 vehicles and multiple employees. The Mercedes trucks proved to be exceptionally trustworthy, and for that reason they are the only brand that we use to this day. In 2007, leadership of the business passed from father to son, and this is when I took over management tasks. Since then my younger brother, Zsolt Szabó, has gotten involved in the business as well, while my father continues to actively help with the upkeep and service of our vehicles to this day.

Where we are today

Currently, the company owns 30 trucks and tractor-trailers, although that number is continuously growing. We have 40 employees, and we keep improving the level of our services through further development. We have successfully received ISO 9001 certification, and are in the process of further modernizing our corporate identity.

The Future

Going forward, we hope to continue to be the precise, trustworthy logistical partner that our clients have come to know us as. We want to further develop our services, although our goal is not to grow into a large corporation. We believe in good personal connections, and mutual beneficial cooperation. For us, the most important thing is to preserve these values and continue to ensure trustworthy cooperation with our customers. We offer our employees reliable careers that provide ample opportunity for advancement, since it is important for us that they feel respected, and are proud that, through their work, they strengthen the Szinker team.

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